Girteka’s Commitment to Sustainable and Safe Driving

With a fleet of over 6.400 trucks, we understand that even small changes can lead to significant impacts. That’s why we’ve launched ECO League, a program designed to promote eco-driving among our drivers.

The Importance of Eco-Driving

Eco-driving plays a crucial role in reducing fuel consumption and emissions, while also promoting safer and more efficient driving habits that benefit everyone on the road

Eco in every aspect of driving

Every aspect of driving, from speed control to gear usage, plays a significant role in adopting an eco-friendly driving style that minimizes emissions and maximizes fuel efficiency.

Scale makes a difference

The scale of eco-driving’s impact is substantial; when adopted widely, such as in a fleet of 6.400 trucks, it can significantly reduce overall emissions and contribute to a cleaner, more sustainable environment.

A Competition for a Greater Goal

Drive smart and safe! This is the main objective and goal of ECO League. Integrating a culture of economical driving not only develops the driving skills of drivers but also fosters a more responsible driving style and reduces vehicle operating costs.

Additional award for the bests

In addition to contributing to emissions reductions, drivers have the opportunity to win prizes in contests by showcasing their eco-friendly driving skills. Every year there are two season of ECO League, where drivers compete for awards.

Small steps can lead to significant impacts

The ECO League and eco-driving skills may seem like minor changes, but when multiplied across a fleet, they can result in substantial emissions reductions. Plus, these practices can be implemented immediately after training, with no need for additional investments.

Key indicators of Eco-driving

Efficiency in terms of eco-driving is based on analysis of several reactions, performance of truck, behaviour during driving, and system usage. Below you can find main indicators and parameters, that are being analysed in the ECO League.


Reducing idling time is a key aspect of eco-driving that has a significant impact on emissions. When you minimize idling, you’re not just saving fuel; you’re also helping to extend the life of engine components, which can lead to fewer repairs and lower maintenance costs over time.


Mastering the rolling or coasting technique is a crucial aspect of eco-driving that can significantly reduce fuel consumption. By allowing your vehicle to coast and gradually slow down, rather than relying on the brakes, you’re taking advantage of the vehicle’s momentum. This not only saves fuel, but also reduces wear and tear on the brakes, ultimately saving resources and materials on fuel and potential brake repairs. In addition to these personal benefits, utilizing the rolling technique also contributes to lower emissions, making it a win-win for both the driver and the environment

Use of Brakes

Efficient use of brakes is a fundamental aspect of eco-driving that can significantly enhance your driving experience. By applying the brakes smoothly and gradually, you can achieve a more comfortable and controlled ride. This not only makes for a more pleasant journey, but also reduces wear and tear on your brake system, potentially saving you money on repairs and replacements.

Cruise Control Usage

Utilizing cruise control is a simple yet effective eco-driving technique that can have a positive impact on fuel consumption and emissions. In addition to the environmental benefits, using cruise control can also make long journeys less tiring for the driver. By reducing the need to constantly adjust speed, cruise control allows drivers to focus more on the road and enjoy a more relaxed and comfortable driving experience.

Extreme Braking

Avoiding extreme braking is a crucial component of eco-driving that can significantly impact your safety and emissions. When you brake harshly, it not only increases wear and tear on your brake system but also consumes more fuel, leading to higher emissions. By adopting a smoother driving style and anticipating stops, you can minimize the need for extreme braking, enhancing your safety by reducing the risk of accidents.


Minimizing unnecessary stops is a key principle of eco-driving that can have a profound impact on both emissions and fuel consumption. Each time you stop and start again, your vehicle uses more fuel than if it were to continue at a steady speed. By planning your route efficiently and avoiding frequent stops, you can maintain a more consistent speed, which in turn improves fuel efficiency. This not only reduces your carbon footprint but also translates to noticeable savings on fuel costs.

Effectiveness and Engine Load

Optimizing engine load is key to eco-driving, significantly improving fuel efficiency and reducing emissions. Operating the engine efficiently, by avoiding excessive acceleration and maintaining a steady speed, minimizes fuel consumption and emissions.

We have established a grading system that acknowledges dedication and progress in adopting eco driving techniques and practices.


< 55 points

Since we gather all performance data, you’re automatically entered into the competition without having to take any additional steps.


55 – 79 points

Applying the valuable lessons from our training sessions can earn you more points, improving your standing.


80 – 90 points

By adhering to the performance indicators, you can concentrate on accumulating points, striving to emerge as the leader in the competition.


> 90 points

By integrating the knowledge from our training and adhering to all guidelines, you’re on your way to becoming an eco-driving expert.

Leading by Example

At Girteka, we lead the way in using modern trucks and training our drivers to be eco-friendly. This helps us reduce pollution and make roads safer. We have a big responsibility to our communities and colleagues, and we take it seriously. Our drivers are skilled and professional, and we help them be the best they can be.

Join us now!

Join us at our transport bases and experience the difference. We are committed to providing you with a supportive environment, top-notch facilities, and opportunities for growth. Together, we will navigate the road to success.

What our drivers say about ECO League

Joining the ECO League taught me a lot. I found out how changing the way I drive, even just a little, can help the environment. This is important because driving trucks can really add to air pollution. The competition part was pretty cool and winning something for my efforts felt great. It made me see how I, as a driver, can make a real difference.


Has been working for 5 years

I’ve been a truck driver with Girteka for several years now, and the continuous support and improvement opportunities they offer are unparalleled. The Drivers Academy and ECO League has been a great experience for me, constantly enhancing my skills and keeping me up-to-date with the latest driving techniques.


Has been working for 8 years

Working at Girteka has really transformed my experience, especially with learning about eco-driving. As a driver here, I get to take part in fun competitions that push us to drive in the most environmentally friendly way. It’s exciting to compete and know that I’m helping the planet at the same time.


Has been working for 1 year