Recruitment Process: License Verification to Ongoing Development

Girteka’s driver recruitment process is crucial for building a skilled team. It includes various stages to assess abilities, verify qualifications, and facilitate onboarding. Here are the key points in recruiting and onboarding drivers at Girteka.

Main steps in recruitment process

1. Interview and Information Collection

Following the candidate’s call, inquiry, or application, the recruiter conducts an initial interview to discuss the candidate’s background, experience, and qualifications. This is where the hiring process starts.

At this stage recruiter evaluates candidates’ communication skills, professionalism, and fit with the company’s values and goals.

2. Skills Evaluation Test Drive

Following the recruiter interview, the truck driver test drive, assessing practical skills like vehicle handling and maneuvering, takes place in the candidate’s origin country or at our transport bases.

Practical checkup is crucial to confirm the candidate’s necessary truck driving skills before proceeding with the recruitment process abroad. Additionally, the test drive helps candidates gain confidence before employment at our transport base.

3. Preparation for Legal Entry and Placement Guidance

Upon the approval of the candidate’s application, the recruitment manager will provide professional guidance on the necessary documents for legal entry and placement within our company. At this stage the process of preparing for arrival at our transport bases and ensuring successful employment initiates.

4. Arrival and Onsite Skills

Successful candidates undergo a comprehensive onsite skills test. After arriving at our transport base, candidates must undergo a test drive to be eligible for employment.


Following the recruitment stage, the next crucial step in the candidate’s journey begins with our onboarding process. The new work journey truly starts here, and we are dedicated to ensuring a smooth transition into an exciting career with us.
The onboarding process includes:

Formality and Assistance

Candidates are guided through employment formalities, which include signing the contract, completing necessary documentation, and organizing required work documents. HR team assists every candidate in adapting to their new role at our company.


New drivers receive extensive job-specific training. These training programs cover load securing, safe driving, fuel efficiency, regulation compliance, and company-specific technologies and systems. Additionally, there is an opportunity for drivers to undergo Code 95 training at our dedicated training center.

Practical Tests and Exercises

Additional some of drivers take practical tests and practise driving during onboarding. This may include hands-on training, vehicle inspections, emergency response drills, and cargo-specific or driving-condition-specific training. We prioritise driver experience and skills to provide the best road services.

First Routes with Experienced Drivers

If necessary, new drivers ride with experienced drivers on their first routes for support. This mentorship helps them learn from experienced professionals, understand the company’s operations, and meet customer service expectations.

Continuous Development and Learning

After successfully completing the onboarding process and commencing work, our company’s truck drivers continue to embark on a journey of ongoing development and learning. Our drivers regularly participate in periodic training sessions to stay current with industry advancements. Additionally, our company promotes a collaborative learning culture, encouraging drivers to learn from their experienced team members. Independence in learning is also valued, empowering our drivers to seek out opportunities for personal and professional growth. This approach ensures a continuous and evolving learning environment, allowing our drivers to thrive in their roles.

Support while
looking for a job

Girteka takes pride in leading the logistics industry, which comes with great responsibility. Our drivers, especially those from outside the EU, need a stable support system. We partner with trusted agencies that share our commitment to excellence to ensure a smooth transition and reliable recruitment process.


Together with our gold partners, we are committed to offering comprehensive support to drivers throughout the entire recruitment journey. From verifying driving licenses to conducting test drives and interviews, we prioritize transparency, fairness, and professionalism. Once drivers become part of the Girteka, our onboarding process includes formal procedures, comprehensive training, practical tests, and exercises to equip them with the necessary skills and knowledge.

At Girteka, we understand the significance of building strong partnerships and reliable networks to attract drivers from non-EU countries. By working closely with recruitment partners, we can offer a secure and stable support system, making the recruitment process a positive and rewarding experience for drivers joining our team.

Our HR Expansion team is dedicated to creating opportunities for drivers from different countries to work with us in Europe. We collaborate with recruitment agencies worldwide to facilitate the recruitment process and provide a platform for personal and professional development. By expanding our workforce internationally, we not only contribute to the growth of our company but also offer a diverse and inclusive environment for drivers from around the world.

Transport Bases

Our bases are equipped with spacious maintenance areas where our dedicated team performs thorough inspections and maintenance on the trucks. We have the capacity to handle a large number of vehicles, ensuring prompt and efficient service.

Drivers Academy

The Drivers Academy at Girteka is our training center for new and professional drivers. We provide the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed on the road, through classroom instruction, hands-on training, and real-world experience. Our goal is to help every driver become the best they can be.

Eco League

The Eco League is our program that encourages eco-friendly and safe driving. Drivers learn sustainable practices and compete for rewards. It’s our way of promoting a positive environmental impact and safer roads.

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