Innovation and Digitalization:
Driving the Future

At Girteka, we’re proud to have one of the largest fleets in Europe. But it’s not just about the size of our fleet. It’s about the quality of our vehicles and digital tools we are using to support you on your journeys.

Our Fleet

We have 6.400 trucks in our fleet, and each one is no more than 2 years old. We believe our drivers deserve the best, so we make sure they get to drive the best. Our trucks are fully automated, comfortable, and equipped with top-class features.

Equipped for Success

But we don’t stop at just providing top-class trucks. We also equip our trucks and trailers with advanced sensors and digital tools. These high-tech tools provide real-time visibility and make it easy for our drivers to stay in constant communication with our transport managers. This ensures they get the support they need at each step along the road.

Driving the Future

As a driver at Girteka, you’re at the forefront of logistics innovation. You’ll benefit from our cutting-edge digital systems that streamline paperwork and processes, making your job easier and more efficient. Our advanced analytics and AI tools work seamlessly to ensure you’re supported at every turn, from route planning to cargo management. With Girteka, you’re not just driving; you’re leading the way in a digitally empowered future of logistics.

Data-Driven Decisions

We use data analysis to plan travel routes effectively, avoid the most dangerous road sections, and improve eco-driving skills. This not only makes our drivers’ work safer and more efficient but also enhances their work experience.

At Girteka, you’ll experience the advantages of technology that simplifies and secures your job. You’ll receive real-time updates for optimal routing, safe parking, and refueling locations. The paperless process streamlines your work, ensuring you’re always on the best route while complying with all regulations and documentation requirements. It’s about making your driving experience as smooth and worry-free as possible.

Eco-Driving Skills

But it’s not just about safety and efficiency. It’s also about being environmentally friendly. Our data analytics platform helps our drivers improve their eco-driving skills, reducing our carbon footprint and making a positive impact on the environment.

You will find that the Eco-Driving courses will enhance your driving skills and assist you in reducing your carbon footprint. The digital tools provided will streamline the process of finding fuel stations and parking spots, saving you time and reducing stress. You’ll appreciate being part of a company that prioritizes environmental care and driver support.

We have a modern fleet of 6.400 trucks, all new and packed with the latest features for a comfortable drive. We use smart tech to help you with routes and communication, making your job safer and easier. We focus on eco-friendly driving, using data to help drivers be more efficient and sustainable.

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Still have doubts about where to take your truck driving career? At Girteka, you’re not just joining a team; you’re becoming a valued part of a community that’s shaping the future of logistics. Why not explore more and see for yourself what makes us stand out?

Smooth onboarding

At Girteka, we believe in providing full support to our drivers from the moment they decide to join us.

Stable work environment

The same people who started Girteka still own it. They know the business well and have been making it better for a long time.

Diversity & open communication

At Girteka, we’re more than just a company. We’re a community guided by five core values

Learning & support

At Girteka, we believe in the power of learning and growing. That’s why we have our own training centers to help our drivers improve their skills and become the best they can be, delivering hight quality services