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Sometimes the recruitment process and interview seems to be hard. Especially when you are applying for a job in other than the country of your origin. Take a look at how simple and supportive our process is while applying for a job at Girteka.

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Come work with us and grow your skills. You’ll meet great people who can help you become an even better driver.


Our Employment Hub is your one-stop destination for career growth, offering training, job listings, and resources to help you succeed.

Driver Support Facilities

Our Driver Support Facilities await you during your breaks at the base, offering comfort and amenities to recharge you for the road ahead.

State of the
Art Maintenance

With our advanced truck care, you can focus on driving while we handle the rest. Your journey is secure with us.

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So, are you ready to shift gears and steer your way to a fulfilling career? The road is calling, and adventure awaits!



Join our driving team in Germany! Drive modern trucks, enjoy support from our team, and experience Germany’s diverse landscapes. Apply now for a rewarding truck driving career with Girteka.



Join Girteka and explore Europe’s diverse landscapes behind the wheel in a single crew. Enjoy competitive pay, top-notch trucks, and a supportive team. Apply today and embark on your European driving journey with us!

Drivers Academy to upgrade your skills

Our Drivers Academy constantly support with education and practical
courses for our drivers, keeping them at highest professional level.

Deep and complex training
during onboarding

At our transport bases, you can work with the latest trucks and cutting-edge solutions from renowned manufacturers. We keep up with truck technology advancements, allowing our drivers to enhance their skills and knowledge. With access to modern vehicles, you’ll experience advancements in comfort, safety, and performance, ensuring a fulfilling driving experience.

Repetitive annual trainings

Drivers Academy will constantly work with you to keep you skill and professionalism at the highest level, with annual periodic trainings.

Safety and Eco driving courses

Safety and sustainability are our concerns, therefore you will have opportunity to increase your skills in this kind of driving, on annual basis.

Additional skills

At Girteka, our Drivers Academy equips you with the necessary skills for Europe’s varied terrains, from Norway’s snow to handling a 3-axle truck. We provide advanced training in the latest digital tools for efficient route planning and seamless communication. Hands-on sessions with cutting-edge truck and trailer technologies keep you at the forefront of industry advancements. Our goal is to ensure you’re not just road-ready but also tech-savvy for a safer, more efficient journey.

ECO League: a motivational program for drivers

With a fleet of 6400 trucks, we value small changes with big impacts.
Introducing ECO League: promoting eco-driving among drivers through
safety and eco skills competitions with attractive awardsprizes.


Has been working for 4 years

Driving for Girteka has given me a sense of stability and reliability that I hadn’t experienced in my previous jobs. Being part of Europe’s largest logistics company, I feel secure in my career, knowing that I’m working for a company with a solid track record and a clear vision for the future. The work environment here is stable and well-organized, which allows me to focus on my driving without any unnecessary stress. It’s reassuring to be part of a company that values its employees and provides a dependable work setting.


Has been working for 5 years

Since joining Girteka, I’ve been amazed by the advanced technology and modern trucks we get to drive. Every truck is equipped with the latest digital tools, making my job not only easier but also more enjoyable. The real-time updates and navigation systems enhance my driving experience, ensuring I’m always on the best route. It’s exciting to work with such cutting-edge technology and to know that Girteka is committed to staying at the forefront of logistics innovation.


Has been working for 1 years

What stands out for me at Girteka is the respect and appreciation for diversity. As a driver from a different cultural background, I’ve always felt respected and valued here. The company’s inclusive approach makes it a great workplace for drivers from all over the world, regardless of their culture or religion. Additionally, the continuous opportunities for skill improvement and staying updated with the latest qualifications make me confident in my professional growth. It’s empowering to be with a company that not only respects diversity but also invests in our development.

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Enhancing your driver experience

At our transport bases, we prioritize the well-being and development of our drivers. With two strategically located bases near Poznan, Poland, and Siauliai, Lithuania, we offer a range of exceptional facilities and services designed to support you throughout your journey.


Situated near Poznan, the transport base in Sady is the biggest in the Group, covering more than 5000 drivers.


Our first transport based, situated in Siauliai, is covering today more than 7000 driver. It is being constantly developed to increase working experience.

Ready to Hit the Road?

Becoming a truck driver is an exciting journey. It’s a job that offers freedom, good pay, and the chance to be part of a close-knit community. Plus, you get to be the superhero that keeps the countries running by delivering goods from coast to coast.

So, if you’re looking for a career that’s a little different, where you can earn good money and see the countries, then truck driving might just be for you.

Remember, it’s not just about driving; it’s about being responsible, staying safe, and delivering precious cargo. The road might be long, but the rewards are well worth it.

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Apply now to become a truck driver and start your exciting career on the road. Take the first step towards joy and experience as an European truck driver. Explore our latest job offers and seize this opportunity. Don’t wait any longer, apply today. We will support you on each of the steps.