Reliable and
Stable Company

As one of the largest logistics companies in Europe we are constantly growing, providing opportunities and possibilties for our employees to develop.

“I’ve been with Girteka for 8 years, and it’s been an incredible
journey. The team feels like a second family to me!”

Vladislav, Girteka driver

Transport Bases

Girteka’s transport bases in Poznań and Šiauliai are more than just starting points for our drivers’ journeys. They’re fully-equipped hubs where drivers receive top-notch vehicle maintenance, and comprehensive training, and enjoy amenities like rest areas, and dining facilities. These bases support our drivers’ well-being and professional growth, ensuring they’re prepared and comfortable for the road ahead.

Long Term Stability

The same people who started Girteka still own it. They know the business well and have been making it better for a long time. Girteka has grown from 1 truck and 3 employees to more than 6.400 trucks and more than 14.000 employees. With progress and growth every year, the company has become one of the largest in Europe, with many well-known brands.

Reliable Company

Today, Girteka has a lot of drivers. This includes truck drivers from different countries, not only in Europe but also in Asia and Africa. Establishing such a large company was the effect of decisions and a strategy. Strategy that allows Girteka to constantly grow and increase its operations, and hire more and more drivers from around the world. And it is thanks to drivers that today Girteka is delivering on customers’ promises.

I’ve grown so much since I started here. Girteka supports your career goals and helps you achieve them. The leadership at Girteka is solid and the company itself has very strong foundations. You can feel the stability in the way the company operates. – says Nikoloz, a professional truck driver.

Transparent Salary Based on European Standards

Girteka, being one of the largest employers in Lithuania and Poland in logistics sector, is known for its commitment to its employees. When you join Girteka, you’re not just getting a job, you’re becoming part of a big family. The company’s management makes sure everyone has a chance to earn a good salary that matches what workers get paid in other parts of Europe.

I chose to be a truck driver because I love driving, traveling, and meeting new people. Girteka pays us well and takes care of us. They make sure we’re safe on the road and comfortable in our trucks. And the best part is, I get to see new places and meet new people all the time. – Kurshidbek, recently joined truck driver.

At Girteka, we do more than just pay our drivers. We give them special gifts to thank them for their hard work. We also have rewards for drivers who stay with us for a long time. This is our way of showing them how much we appreciate what they do.

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Still have doubts about where to take your truck driving career? At Girteka, you’re not just joining a team; you’re becoming a valued part of a community that’s shaping the future of logistics. Why not explore more and see for yourself what makes us stand out?

Smooth onboarding

At Girteka, we believe in providing full support to our drivers from the moment they decide to join us.

Diversity & open communication

At Girteka, we’re more than just a company. We’re a community guided by five core values

Trucks & digital tools

At Girteka, we’re not just keeping up with the times. We’re driving the future. We’re a modern company that invests in digitization and uses one of the latest data analytics platforms and AI tools in the world.

Learning & support

At Girteka, we believe in the power of learning and growing. That’s why we have our own training centers to help our drivers improve their skills and become the best they can be, delivering hight quality services