Join us on an unprecedented venture where the road ahead is more than just about the distance to be covered — it is a path towards a deeper understanding, appreciation, camaraderie, and bringing to light what it takes to be at the heart of logistics. In essence, “Mindaugas on the Road” is an initiative that aims to highlight our responsibility and commitment to recognizing and addressing the challenges and opportunities professional drivers encounter daily.

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    “Mindaugas on the Road” is a celebration of the spirit of our truck drivers. Through this journey, Mindaugas aims to bridge the gap between management and our colleagues – the drivers, illuminating the everyday realities, challenges, and triumphs faced by those who keep our wheels turning.

    This campaign is a platform for sharing real-life experiences of a truck drivers’ job, highlighting the state-of-the-art trucks and technologies that make their journeys smoother, and underscoring the comprehensive benefits we offer to support our drivers’ well-being and professional success.